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Using your Safety Rider

Once the Safety Rider has been secured onto the horse, you can commence to work your horse as appropriate. The length of time it takes the horse to become accustomed to being backed by the Safety Rider will vary, depending on the temperament of the horse. It is important, particularly at the start, to keep a watchful eye on the horse. Once the horse gets used to the Safety Rider and realises that it will not harm it, occasional supervision should suffice. This, however, will be at the discretion of the trainer.

As the horse becomes accustomed to the Safety Rider, the following variations can be tried:

  • The harness around the torso of the mounted Safety Rider can be loosened to create a more pronounced forwards-and-backwards movement on the horse’s back, if desired;
  • It is advantageous to keep the Safety Rider on the horse while long-reining and lunging, as it ensures that the horse becomes well used to the sensation of being backed before he is actually ridden.
  • As the horse’s training progresses, you may find it useful to fit a jacket or pullover to the SR1 or SR2, which will not only help to protect it from dirt and scratching, but will also make it resemble more closely the appearance of a real rider. It is recommended that, once fitted, the sleeves are tied together at the front front to emulate the position of a rider and to avoid unnecessary flapping, which may startle the horse.