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We have a lot of very happy customers using The Ardall.  Read below testimonials from happy clients experiences using our device.  If you are interested in talking to us, please feel free to call today - +353 (0)66 9767 234


Val Williams - Glenwood Stud. Tester for Equine Magazine 

In our opinion this safety/training aid is one of the most useful pieces of equine equipment ever made. We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to try and test it and can honestly say we haven’t been disappointed. This time of year is dedicated to breaking youngsters, and of course, there is always a certain element of risk with any horse or pony when breaking, and the priority is that no member of staff gets hurt when first backing youngsters. Therefore we are delighted to report that this unique product has been such a help with this particular time, as it means that a rider doesn’t have to be on a young horse which might be bucking or panicking. Sometimes in this situation if the rider is unseated, apart from them potentially being injured, the horse is panicked even more and the process of breaking is lengthened as the horse lacks confidence. The fitting of the safety rider was relatively easy to understand, and we found all the horses it was used on were happy working with it and it’s been a great help at this busy time of year. Thankfully we have not been in a position to need to use it on a horse that needs help with post-injury fitness, but we can see how it would be of benefit should it be necessary.

Val Williams, Glenwood Stud, United Kingdom

Castletown Quarry Stud - Ken Parkhill MRCVS

Our Ardall Safety Rider has become a very important member of our team and we only wish that he had arrived much sooner.We have had only positive experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Our Ardall Safety Rider to anybody involved in breaking horses.

Ken Parkhill MRCVS, Castletown Quarry Stud, Ireland

The Royal Studs - Joe Grimwade LVO (Manager)

"In addition to rearing The Queen's bloodstock, we run a pre-training programme to take The Queen's thoroughbred yearlings to the point where they are ridden at a hack canter before being passed on to their trainers. Monty Roberts is closely involved in the process from weaning to entering training with a primary intention to minimise stress - both to the horses and to the staff. Over the last two years, the Ardall Dummy has become a vital component of this process and has provided a major step towards achieving our aims."
Joe Grimwade, LVO (Manager), The Royal Studs

Equine Management Training - Fred and Rowena Cook

"We have been using the Ardall Safety System for a couple of months now and have to say that is a great innovation for the equestrian trainer who works with less than straightforward horses.

When the Ardall first came to our attention we also saw that without even being tried, there were those ready to condemn it as a gimmick, as a shortcut to doing the job properly.

As trainers we have never, and do not ever intend to take any shortcuts in our training work; shortcuts are quick fixes and that is not our way.

Working with many horses that have severe behavioural issues and often classed as dangerous - and that is a very strong term to use - we were keen to find out more about the Ardall as a means of assisting us in our work. We have found that far from being a shortcut, the Ardall has to be properly introduced to a horse and appropriate time taken to do this in just the same way as is the case with a rider; the horse needs to familiarise himself with the torso and it being raised above him on the saddle. Just as with a person, some horses quickly accept it, others need a little more time.

One of our concerns was how stable the Ardall would be on a moving horse - would it slip sideways or wobble around too much actually alarming the horse and thus doing more harm than good. But it is indeed very stable and there are adjusters to keep the torso very still or allow it to move more - as would be the case with a rider.  The legs attach very easily when required giving a horse the complete feel of a rider.

The value of the Ardall lays with horses that really are not happy about a rider being on them for whatever reason - physical reasons having been investigated and ruled out; sadly there are such horses and it is desperately sad to see and appreciate whatever has occurred to cause a horse to bolt, flip over etc. The Ardall allows a trainer to work through such issues, thoroughly desentising such horse without risk of injury to a rider. There is no risk of injury to the horse either as if it should fall or flip over, the torso collapses down.

That a horse can be long-reined with the Ardall in place is extremely benefitial as so much
training can be put in place with the Ardall providing the horse with the feel of weight and movement on its back.  And jumping is also possible. The Ardall has already proved its benefits to us as well as numerous other trainers. Thank you Ardall."

Fred & Rowena Cook
Equine Management and Training

Bansha House Stables - Con Marnane

"It makes life very easy for both our horses and riders. Its definitely one of the best training aids for breaking young horses and I wouldnt be without one."

Con Marnane, Bansha House Stables, Co. Tippeary, Ireland

Kelly Sargent - Oxfordshire, UK

"It's been made brilliantly, very well designed. Used it for starting big horses and little ponies and its fabulous. I don't get on until they are totally at ease with the Ardall, it takes a lot of the risk out of starting youngsters. Wish I had got one sooner!"

Kelly Sargent, Oxfordshire, UK

Ronald Aiken Farriers Ltd. - Ronald and Lesley Aiken

"The Ardall has been a very  great help to ourselves , ive broken and schooled horses for 30 years , allways being the dummy myself ! but now and again you come across a frightened or very sensitive horse which proves to be very untrusting . Ive  a young stallion at the moment  whom ive tryed to back for over three weeks , he has been out in public  , been shown since foal , owners done   all ground work  ,!!working perfect on lunge in school and  very easy to handle and work around but mounting him has proven very difficult  , ive been on the ground every day !!!! , has his back checked and started again with the ardall , ive now after one week managed to get on , and be lunged and walked all round my school without any bucking , so as far as it goes , i will be recomending  this dummy to any training  yard as a must have !!!!"

Ronald and Lesley Aiken, Ronald Aiken Farriers Ltd, Aberdeenshire, UK

Instinctive Horse Training - Melanie Watson


My name is Melanie Watson and I am a specialist remedial trainer up in East Yorkshire , England.

The kind of horses that come my way all have pre conceived ideas relating to their individual problems.  So many are not able to be ridden because they are in defence. This fear is displayed many ways..through aggression/bucking/rearing/knapping badly or bolting and panicking. 

Finding the way through all the layers of each individual horse requires patience, knowledge and understanding.  Up till now I am usually the “DUMMY” !!

When I saw the Ardall for the first time it was a small advert in Horse and Hound. It stood out as such a great product based on an old idea.  In the past I have made dummy riders out of overalls and straw and once resorted to buying a blow up doll! However “JALO” did not stand the test of time and her ride was too rough...she punctured!  Rumour aside, the reality is of climbing up on dangerous horses.....so I rang Paul.

I have had the Ardall now for 2 months and have been using it on a terrified 7 year old “Problem”mare. She took weeks to get her just to allow us up on her, over her and to take a piece of apple from my hand on board.  Introducing the Ardall meant that we could start to lunge her and ultimately long rein her with a rider on board. No one came off when she elapsed into panic attacks....bit by bit she is settling into work with a rider on board. 

Very many thanks Paul, for listening to me and for this well thought out product. Used safely and with gentle thought, this product will be of enormous help to those professionals who work with both young and damaged horses.

Melanie Watson
Instinctive Horse Training

Barrett Watson, Suffolk, England

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the Ardall.
Since our purchase we have backed 4 very tricky youngsters with the use of the Ardall without incident or injury to jockey or horse!

I would recommend it to anyone and will continue to enjoy stress free backing for years to come.

Kind Regards,

Barrett Watson