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Pro-Fit Stud

A breakthrough in stud design

Do you hate putting in studs? Have you cursed broken taps, dodgy threads and the ticking away of time at shows struggling under uncooperative horses? Ardall has the solution with the new Pro-Fit Stud - a breakthrough in Stud design.

So quick to fit and simple to remove, the revolutionary, patented and award-winning design of this new stud allows 8 Pro-Fit Studs to be fitted to one horse in less than 2 minutes, show after show after show! See video below to see Pro-Fit studs in action

The new Pro-Fit studs are so unbelievably quick and easy to fit and remove as they have no thread, so all it takes is a few good taps with the Pro-Fit hammer and then a quarter turn to engage the recessed spiral on the stem, for the stud to be securely fitted into the stud hole. The Pro-Fit stud’s smooth, tapered and patented design with its innovative spiral groove provides absolute security.


Using the special Pro-Fit reamer bit, your farrier simply drills the stud holes as normal. This bit allows the hole to be drilled with complete accuracy for a smooth, tapered finish to match the stud. When fitting the stud, all it then takes is a a few good taps of the stud into the hole and a quarter turn to engage the spiral security design and your horse is ready to perform. The stud is equally simply removed by a simple twist with a spanner, yet despite being so easy to fit and remove, the studs stay securely in place whatever the going.

Pro-Fit studs won’t rust and remain easy to fit and remove use after use.

Click here to buy a Pro-Fit Stud Kit online. 

Watch a video of the Pro-Fit Stud being fitted

 If you have any questions about the Pro-Fit Stud, please feel free to contact us.