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Fitting Instructions

Fitting your Pro-Fit Studs

Pro-Fit Studs from Ardall are so quick and simple to fit and remove, you will never go back to threaded studs again! We recommend that you plug your stud holes after initial drilling of the hole in the shoe and after each time you remove studs, to keep the holes free of dirt and stones.

• Pick up the horses’ leg that you wish to stud and remove the plug or stopper from the stud hole.

• Clean the stud hole of any dirt/debris and visually inspect to ensure it’s clean.

• Insert the Pro-Fit stud into the stud hole and twist it to the right for a complete turn- to make sure it’s going in straight.

• Hammer the stud with Pro-Fit hammer 3 to 4 times. Don’t be afraid to use the hammer.

• Use the spanner to twist the stud a quarter turn to the right. You should feel the stud tightening, when you feel that the stud is tight enough. Don’t try and screw/hammer the stud until its flush with the shoe, that will not happen and it's not designed for that. (A small gap between the horse shoe and stud is normal and to be expected.) A quarter turn to tighten at the end is enough to know the stud is secure.

• If you do not feel the stud tighten with a quarter turn twist then you did not hammer it hard enough in the first place. Hammer again to secure the stud correctly and then try a quarter turn twist to the right.

• Carry out this process for each stud hole as required to have a stud inserted.

• If the stem of the pro-fit stud will not enter the stud hole easily then a burr has formed at the entrance of the stud hole. Use the de-burring tool provided in kit to remove the steel burr.

• The de-burring tool is NOT to be used to clean out the stud hole.

• Please handle the de-burring tool with care as the sharp edge could cause serious injury if handled incorrectly.

Using the Pro-Fit de-burring tool

Removing your Pro-Fit Studs

• Pick up the horse’s leg that you want to remove the pro-fit stud from.

• Using the Pro-Fit spanner, simply unscrew the stud by turning it to the left, the stud will be easily removed at the point.

• Make sure that the stem of the stud is clear of any dirt and debris – clean same if present. 

• Insert Pro-Fit Sleepers or cotton plugs/ blockers into stud hole which keeps the stud hole clean.

• Repeat this process removing all the studs that have been fitted to the horse shoe.


Watch the video below to see for yourself just how east it is to fit and remove your Pro-Fit Studs