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As Pro-Fit studs have no thread that needs to be cleaned, maintained and that can get damaged, they are incredibly easy to fit and remove, each and every time they are used. The stem of the Pro-Fit stud has a smooth, tapered finish which matches the Pro-Fit stud hole exactly and it is this smooth, tapered finish which ensures absolute security. 

How do Pro-Fit Studs work?

We have just launched a new version of these revolutionary studs, which incorporates a recessed spiral groove on the stem of the stud. The threadless Pro-Fit stud holes are drilled in exactly the same way using the easy to use Pro-Fit Reamer Bit to leave a smooth, tapered, easy to clean stud hole with no threads that can be damaged and become difficult to use. The spiral Pro-Fit stud is then simply fitted into the stud hole in a similar way to the original Pro-Fit threadless stud, with a few bangs from the Pro-Fit hammer. Once inserted, the stud is then simply twisted with the Pro-Fit spanner for a quarter turn until you feel it tighten. This spiral groove lets you know exactly when the stud is fitted tightly and correctly and ensures that it stays in place each and every time it’s used. 

What if the shoe wears down?

Between shoeing, your horse will inevitably wear the shoes slightly and a ‘burr’ or metal lip can form at the edge of the stud hole. Ardall have included a ‘de-burring’ tool in the Pro-Fit stud kit, which allows you to quickly and easily remove any burr that may have formed before fitting the studs.