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Before you start

  1. Tack your horse up as normal with bridle, numnah, saddle and non-elasticated girth correctly fitted and fully secure.
  2. Assemble everything that you need:
    The main torsotorso-and-weights.jpg and base
    It is essential that your Ardall or Ardall SR2 torso is used with the original harness fully fitted. Failure to do so could result in injury to horse or trainer and/or damage to the Ardall or Ardall SR2.
    The weights
    In the form of the Ardall SR2 Boots when required for the horse’s training.
    An extra girth
    You will need an extra girth to secure the Ardall or Ardall SR2 in the mounted position. It is important that a comfortable, well fitting, non-elasticated girth for this purpose as an elasticated girth is likely to stretch and move, thereby displacing the Ardall.
    An old jacket or pullover
    As the horse’s training progresses, you may find it useful to fit a jacket or pullover to the Ardall or Ardall SR2, which will not only help to protect it from dirt and scratching, but will also make it resemble more closely the appearance of a real rider. It is recommended that, once fitted, the sleeves are tied together at the front front to emulate the position of a rider and to avoid unnecessary flapping, which may startle the horse.
  3. You must have two able-bodied adults, who are used to working with horses, on hand to mount the Ardall or Ardall SR2 safely. Both should be suitably attired for yard work and wearing helmets. This task should never be entrusted to children. Others present, who are not directly involved in the process, should be a safe distance back from the horse, and children kept under strict adult supervision at all times.

The Ardall fully dressed for a productive and safe long reining session!