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Ardall SR2

The Ardall SR2 is a device for training horses. Designed primarily to accustom unbroken horses, or horses that have not been ridden for some time, to safely accept a rider, the Ardall SR2 can also be used for training performance horses. 

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The Ardall SR2 Comprises of Four Main Parts:

1. The Torsoardall-sr2-3.jpg

The main part of the product resembles a legless, human torso with short arms. At its core, there is a coiled spring, which facilitates movement when mounted on a horse. This spring is enveloped with medium-grade foam in the shape of a torso, which is covered with high quality, UV-protected leatherette. The torso of the Ardall SR2 is designed to fold in half, making it even easier to mount upon the horse and also allowing the Ardall to be used at varying heights upon the horse. This enables it to be used on a very nervous, spooky horse at a lower height until the horse becomes acustomed and comfortable with its presence, at which point in the horse's training, the Ardall SR2 can subesequently be un folded and used at full height.

2. The Base

The torso is affixed to a flat, solid base, which has been specially moulded to fit any standard saddle. This is covered in the same leatherette as the torso. On either side, there are two straps - used for securing the Ardall SR2 onto the horse - and one screw-on ring, through which the reins go during lunging and long-reining.

3. The Harness

An essential component of the product when in use, the harness fits onto the torso. The extent to which the Ardall SR2 moves when mounted on a horse is regulated by the tightness or looseness of the harness.

4. Weights

These weights serve to make the Ardall SR2 heavier helping to introduce the horse to the sensation of a rider’s legs on either side. These take the form of two boot-shaped canvas bags, which are filled evenly with fine sand (up to 2 stone/12.7KG in each.) These are clipped onto the Ardall SR2, one on each side, and secured with straps.