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Applying the weights

fittingweights.jpgAdditional weight can be introduced to the Ardall and Ardall SR2 as required for the horse’s training by filling the Boots with fine sand (picture 1) and clipping them onto the lunging rings on either side (picture 2). The same weight should be applied on either side to ensure that the Ardall or Ardall SR2 remain balanced and to avoid displacing it.

Only fine sand should be filled into the Ardall Boots to a maximum weight of approx. 2 stone/12.7KG on each side. Once filled to the desired weight, the Boots should be placed into the stirrups and secured approx. a quarter way up with the supplied straps, which are then secured in between the two girths (picture 3). The Boots should never be allowed to swing loosely, as this will aggravate and possibly injure the horse.