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“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

So goes the old saying, and so it was with the Ardall Safety Rider and now with the new Ardall Pro-Fit Studs.

The Ardall Safety Rider is the brainchild of Paul Murphy. Born into a family of horse dealers, trainers and riders based near the town of Castlemaine in County Kerry, Ireland, Paul experienced from an early age, the difficulties and dangers involved in backing untrained horses for the first time. Spurred on by the growing general awareness of safety and by a personal interest in making his own life easier, Paul set about inventing the Ardall.

About five years were invested in the development of the Ardall Safety Rider. From very rough beginnings, the prototype was revised and refined until it became what it is today; effective yet elegant and above all, affording a level of safety to the initial backing of untrained horses heretofore unknown. Derived from the Gaelic “Ardal” meaning “high valour”, the Ardall Safety Rider was designed to conquer the often unpredictable and unsafe behaviour of bucking young horses without any stress, rendering the horse calm and safe to ride. The Ardall can also be used for training performance horses.

First launched at the 2011 Dublin Horse Show, the Ardall Safety Rider has been applauded by safety specialists and horse lovers alike.

The 2013 Dublin Horse Show saw the launch of the revolutionary new Pro-Fit Stud. This patented design will put an end to the frustration felt by horse riders and grooms everywhere over the nightmarish struggle to fit studs to horses. So quick to fit and simple to remove, the revolutionary, patented design of this new stud allows 8 Pro-Fit Studs to be fitted to one horse in less than 2 minutes, putting an end to the curse of broken taps and dodgy threads!