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  • With added features: The SR2 gives even greater benefits when training young horses
  • Designed to help prevent serious rider injurywhen breaking and training horses...
  • pro-fit-slider4.jpgA breakthrough in stud design


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A bit about Ardall...

Necessity is the mother of invention” goes the old saying, and so in lies the inspiration for Ardall - a company dedicated to providing solutions to problems.”


Our revolutionary new, award-winning Pro-Fit Studs will put an end to the frustration felt by horse riders and grooms everywhere over the nightmarish struggle to fit studs to horses. So quick to fit and simple to remove, the revolutionary, patented design of this new stud allows 8 Pro-Fit Studs to be fitted to one horse in less than 2 minutes, putting an end to the curse of broken taps and dodgy threads!


Watch a video of the Pro-Fit Stud being fitted




Also designed by Ardall, Ardall Safety Riders allow a horse to be trained to accept the presence of a rider, without putting a rider in the dangerous position of being on board a panicked, bucking and potentially dangerous youngster. The SR1 and SR2 also have significant benefits for ongoing training of performance horses, for muscle development or for bringing horses back to full fitness after injury.